MODULE 3: Food and Ayurveda


Welcome to the third module of this course dedicated to Food, spices, herbs and drinks in Ayurveda.

As we have seen in the previous modules, our physical body, Annamaya Kosha, is made of food. It is obvious that the most direct way to treat the body is through food that balances the Doshic tendencies. And even though food is only a part of the treatment, you can get a high level of mastery of your mind and body with making smart food choices only. Also a pure, sattvic, and balanced menu does not only increase the health of your body, but also develops mental purity, clarity and emotional balance.

What Will I Learn?

  • The classes of this module will help you better understand how food influences your state of health and balance and mostly what are the concrete changes that you can bring to your meals to better match your dosha.
  • The PDF transcripts of the classes will provide you with the list of food items per category for each type of constitution: VATA, PITTA, KAPHA and the mixed types. Download yours, the one that corresponds to your type and start inspiring from it.
  • Get the spices that are good for you. Start eliminating from your menu the items that seem to be aggravating and start playing with the recipes.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons8h

Module 3 overview

Class 1 – The 6 Tastes34:05
Class 2 – The Doshas and Food Categories (Part 1)24:59
Class 2 – The Doshas and Food Categories (Part 2)19:48
Class 3 – Food Guidelines in Ayurveda25:16
Class 4 – Food Guidelines For Vata21:15
Class 5 – Food Guidelines For Pitta15:19
Class 6 – Food Guidelines for Kapha16:08
Class 7 – Food Guidelines For Mixed Type (Part 1)20:15
Class 7 – Food Guidelines For Mixed Type (Part 2)15:08
Class 7 – Food Guidelines For Mixed Type (Part 3)12:45
Class 7 – Food Guidelines For Mixed Type (Part 4)10:23
Module 3 – Quiz


Presenting some recipes for your dosha..

Student Feedback


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After experiencing for several years now the changes in my body and health thanks to these cooking recommandations, I have been really happy to hear these recommandations for all types. I love the fact that all tastes and elements are here to create or re-create the balance. Food is life and life is joy. Thank you for offering a deeper understanding of the ways to treat our body with the right balanced food. All this is a way, or the way, to honor life.
Cela fait plusieurs années maintenant que j'expérimente les changements dans mon corps et ma santé grâce aux conseils de la cuisine ayurvédique. J'ai beaucoup aimé découvrir ici l'ensemble des recommandations faites pour chacune des constitutions. J'aime observer que tous les goûts et éléments sont ici pour créer ou recréer l'équilibre. La nourriture est la vie, et la vie est la joie. Merci Suzana de nous offrir une compréhension approfondie des façons dont on peut prendre soin chacun de notre propre corps avec une nourriture appropriée et équilibrée. Tout cela est une manière, sinon la manière, d'honorer la vie.


Material Includes

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  • 9 PDF documents


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