The knowledge presented in this course is based on the Ayurveda Classes and courses that I have attended, the notes that I have taken during my trainings, the Yoga trainings that I have followed, from the literature that I have studied on the subject (see the list of courses and books below) and also from applying and testing this Truth in my own practice and in my activity as Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda practitioner and Coach for the past 20 years. The Vedic knowledge does not belong to me. It comes down from the sages of the past and I am grateful to be able to transmit it further – however little and incomplete as it may be in this introductory course. My only purpose is to share this beautiful science as LIFE is sacred and needs to be treated as such!


The Ayurvedic Healing course, by Dr David Frawley: The Pancha Karma Therapist training of dr Rugue: Yoga Teacher Training: Suddha Dharma: Amadio Bianchi (Swami Suryananda Saraswati):


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