MODULE 4: Mind, Psychology and Reduction Methods


Welcome to the 4th module in which we will explore the mind and the psychology of Ayurveda, as well as ways to balance the doshas. There will be a lot of information, so please take the time to go through each material and explore each subject before moving into the next one.

For now this is the last module of this course, congratulations for coming this far! Stay tuned though, as I plan to add more modules in the future with advanced techniques of dosha reduction, yoga, advanced yoga, marma therapy, cooking recipes and why not beauty treatments!

Enjoy this module and do not hesitate to share with me your experience!

What Will I Learn?

  • The classes of this module will help you identify the beliefs that are specific to each dosha and how you can change them. We will explore the mind levels, Chitta, the unconscious, Manas, the emotional mind, Buddhi or the intellect and the Ego, or Ahamkara. We will also touch elements of Ayurvedic psychology that will give you insights into how your psychology is influenced by the doshas and how to deal with people around you according to their constitution, for better relationships.
  • In terms of the ways to balance your dosha, we will discuss the daily routine, the dhynacharia and some elements of shamana (reduction) for each of the doshas. In this way, apart from the dietary changes and the life style changes, the meditations proposed in this module will enable you to start being very practical in doing some beneficial changes in your life.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Module 4 overview

Class 1 – Discover Your Mind (Part 1: Chitta)31:25
Class 1 – Discover Your Mind (Part 2: Manas)00:42:17
Class 1 – Discover Your Mind (Part 3: Buddhi)00:25:29
Class 1 – The NOW State (Part 1)00:8:31
Class 1 – The NOW State (Part 2)00:9:05
Class 2 – The Doshas And The Beliefs00:46:13
Class 3 – Ayurveda Psychology00:24:08
Class 4 – Dinacharya (The Daily Routine Part 1)00:22:19
Class 4 – Dinacharya (The Daily Routine Part 2)00:20:30
Class 5 – Dosha reduction methods00:9:30
Class 5 – Shamana for Vata00:10:17
Class 5 – Shamana for Pitta00:6:45
Class 5 – Shamana for Kapha00:12:22
Module 4 – Quiz

Material Includes

  • 13 video materials
  • 11 audio materials
  • 11 PDF documents
  • 1 Quiz


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